A mid-century classic AKA "dream project"

I always said that I wanted a tattoo, but was never passionate about something enough display it permanently on my body. And then, I fell in love...with Mid Century Modern Design. Now I didn't run to the tattoo parlor and brand myself with an Egg Chair or Eames Lounge, but the thought has crossed my mind. 

Thank goodness a wonderful client with the same love of modern design and mid-century influence entered my life to deter me from permanent body ink, at least for a while. I am helping to design the interior of a guest house at her home and have been given almost free reign to deck it out as I see fit, in true Mid-Century style. 

Being that it is only 3 rooms- Living, DIning, and Bedroom, I figured my first blog can share this dreamy process with you. Since I have been given this rare for Greenville opporutnity, I am finding myself over-analyzing every little piece of it. I spent 3 hours yesterday looking for the perfect end table. Almost like "writers block" for designers. I left the task, started the next morning with one site I hadn't visited, and there it was... just like I had pictured in my head. 

So I am starting by sharing the blank slate (minus the bright green beds that were temporarily stored here) and I invite you to follow the crazy mind of a designer in love with a project.